Looking Clearly At Transparent Packaging

Clear Packaging is the way to go to attract consumers and reduce costs on package manufacturing.

The packaging industry is moving with the times and seeing more products go from card to transparent packaging as studies show that transparent packaging is not only pleasing to the consumer’s eye but also has a variety of other benefits to the supplier.

According to a 2014 article by Packaging Innovation, it has revealed that clear packaging proved more successful than it’s non-transparent competitor products in attracting consumers. It also allows them to make a speedier and more educated decision when purchasing a product, as it allows them to quickly see the product and inadvertently the benefits it will provide to them.

These clear packaging solutions not only please the eye of the consumers but, they are also secure and durable, which makes them popular with retailers, and they are easy to make and cost-effective to produce which makes them popular among manufacturers.

At Magra, we know the value of clear packaging and have established our brand among top retailers as a provider of transparent packaging for an array of products, from cosmetics to baked goods. Our factory shop also offers walk-in customers and micro-businesses the ability to purchase off-the-shelf packaging solutions. By speaking to one of our qualified salesmen, company’s have the added benefit of placing orders for custom packaging solutions, manufactured in our factory in Salt River, Cape Town.

To view our range of clear packaging, visit our factory shop.

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