How is foil printing done?

Foil printing, or otherwise known as foil screenprinting is a two-part process used to give packaging, and other printed work that extra sparkle with either a silver or gold foil layer on certain parts of the packaging or print design. Magra Packaging uses foil printing for various packaging jobs, from sweets and treats boxes to cosmetics packaging, as and when required by the customer.

The process involves first applying an adhesive ink layer to the item that you are printing on, this is then cured and dried through the conveyor dryer. Once dry, the foil sheet is heat-pressed onto the item and sticks only to the adhesive portions of the material, leaving the required sections with the required metallic finish to give it that extra sparkle on the shelves. Before the being finalised, the item is taken through the conveyor dryer one last time to ensure that the elements have bonded together properly.

At Magra, we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and our foil printing is done with precision and skill by qualified individuals who aim to provide every customer with a product of the highest satisfaction. To find out more about the foil printing or to request  a quote, please call Magra on 021 448 1399.

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