Lids and Bases


“Perfect for Chocolate boxes, Gift Boxes, Stationery Boxes. . .”

Lid and base packaging is suitable for everything from gifting to secure storage and is perfect for packaging products such as chocolates, baked goods, stationery items, jewellery and more. The lids and bases come with the following specification options:

  • 200 – 400 micron PET/PVC/Board
  • Round, square, triangle, hexagonal, oval
  • Clear glued lid and base
  • Flat die cut lid available (no glue used)
  • Board bases: white and laminated foil silver/gold

Important Information:
Board base is flat, no glue points
Glued lid can be folded flat with use of false crease
Laminated foil boards can be tinted to create metallic colours

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